Meet our team


Sarah Ahmed

A trailblazing leader and a devoted advocate whose passions illuminate both the boardroom and the heart.

Meet Sarah Ahmed, the Executive Director of Hepatitis ACT, whose heart beats for advocacy and equity. Sarah’s dedication to uplifting the underprivileged resonates through her unwavering commitment to fostering equality. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Management and a Diploma in Community Services, she stands at the forefront of change, supported by certificates in WHS, emergency management, and leadership.

Sarah’s journey led her to Canberra in 2018 after a decade in the heart of Darwin, NT. Her diverse work experience spans local government, YWCA Canberra, St John Ambulance ACT, and the Australian Government Department of Health. This rich tapestry of roles has equipped her with a broad perspective and an unyielding determination to make a difference.

A mother of two boys, Sarah effortlessly balances her leadership role with her cherished role as a parent. She finds joy in their company, engaging in spirited board games and constructing imaginative Lego creations. Beyond her professional commitments, Sarah’s passions come to life in her kitchen – baking delightful treats, savouring coffee, and delving into the world of true crime documentaries.


Tara Crim

A driving force behind our programs, a master storyteller, and a dedicated advocate for the underprivileged. 

Meet Tara Crim, our dynamic Programs Manager and a recent transplant from sunny California. With a rich history of coordinating public health initiatives at the local government level, Tara’s journey has been fuelled by her unwavering passion for supporting the underdog. Drawing from her extensive experience in areas such as AOD, tobacco, and youth development, Tara brings a fresh perspective to our team.

At Hepatitis ACT, Tara shines as the orchestrator behind our impactful programs. Her role involves not only ensuring the seamless execution of our initiatives but also leading a tight-knit team of educators and project coordinators. With an eye for data precision and a gift for storytelling, Tara brings our work to life, showcasing its true impact and potential.

When Tara isn’t driving her four boys to various destinations or donning the chef and counsellor hats, you’ll find her indulging in her hobbies. A knitting aficionado, she weaves creativity into her spare moments. As for her guilty pleasure, she openly admits to occasionally exceeding the recommended chips and salsa quota – a testament to her zest for life. Tara’s connection to the outdoors is undeniable; she thrives when embracing nature’s beauty and exploring its wonders.


Cáitleen Moloney

A force of compassion, an advocate for change, and a guiding light for those seeking healing and hope.

Meet Cáitleen Moloney, the dedicated Project Officer at Hepatitis ACT who stands at the forefront of our mission to support priority populations affected by viral hepatitis. Armed with qualifications in psychology and a fervent pursuit of a Master’s in Social Work, Cáitleen’s compassion and expertise illuminate the path of those navigating the complexities of hepatitis testing, treatment, and cure.

With an unwavering commitment to promoting equitable healthcare, Cáitleen is an advocate for addressing the social determinants of health and championing the cause of social justice. Her role transcends the ordinary as she diligently plans and executes programs that empower those affected by viral hepatitis. Cáitleen’s genuine dedication is a beacon of hope for our clients, guiding them through their journey towards better health and well-being.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cáitleen finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. Her connection to nature serves as a reminder of the profound resilience she witnesses in the individuals she supports. Additionally, her love for live music events attests to her vibrant spirit and appreciation for the arts.


Smruti Raj

An advocate, an educator, and a source of illumination in the fight against viral hepatitis.

Meet Smruti Raj, a remarkable Community Hepatitis Educator at Hepatitis ACT. Her path in community health began as a dedicated volunteer at Liverwell (Hepatitis Victoria) shortly after completing her Masters in Public Health in 2020. With a heart set on making a difference, Smruti’s story has taken her from Victoria to the Northern Territory, and finally to us at Hepatitis ACT in 2022.

In her current role, Smruti serves as a beacon of knowledge, providing essential education on viral hepatitis. Through engaging sessions held across various facilities in the capital region, she empowers individuals with the information they need to navigate this health challenge. A testament to her expertise, Smruti is a certified point-of-care testing operator under the National HCVPOCT program, proficiently performing finger-stick hep C testing.

Beyond her impactful educational endeavours, Smruti is a familiar face at Canberra events, passionately promoting viral hepatitis awareness alongside her co-workers. Her enthusiasm and dedication shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the community.

In the moments between her commitments, Smruti embraces the joy of discovery. Eager to expand her horizons, she readily takes up new hobbies, a reflection of her vibrant and curious spirit.


Hayley Garcia

A community champion, a nurturing spirit, and a source of infectious positivity.

Meet Hayley Garcia, the vibrant Project Officer who joined Hepatitis ACT in October 2022. Armed with a Masters in Middle Eastern Politics and Community Development, Hayley brings a unique perspective to her role. Before gracing us with her presence, she spent eight fruitful years working with children, nurturing young minds and fostering growth.

Within the walls of Hepatitis ACT, Hayley’s responsibilities are as diverse as her background. As a Project Officer, she dedicates herself to supporting individuals living with hepatitis, offering them a compassionate hand along their journey. Her passion for community well-being radiates through her efforts in spreading awareness about hepatitis. Keep an eye out for her in our community garden, where her nurturing touch extends to all life.

Hayley’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her dedication is evident in every task she undertakes. Beyond her impactful work, she’s a treasure trove of knowledge – whether you’re looking for intriguing facts about hepatitis or seeking advice on cultivating the perfect indoor garden, Hayley is your go-to person.


Kareen Tait

An administrative virtuoso, a caring operator, and an inspiration to us all.

Meet Kareen Tait, a true embodiment of versatility and dedication. With an illustrious administrative career spanning 30 years, Kareen seamlessly transitions from one role to another, leaving her mark at every step. Her past includes noteworthy positions such as the Executive Officer of Bosom Buddies ACT, contributions to the NHS in London, and valuable insights at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

As the Business Support Coordinator at Hepatitis ACT, Kareen brings her unmatched capabilities to the fore. Her mastery extends beyond administrative excellence – she’s also a certified operator with HCVPOCT, conducting finger-prick testing for hepatitis C. This skill allows her to provide opportunistic education to service users at our Needle & Syringe Program, ensuring they receive both care and crucial information.

Kareen’s dynamism knows no bounds. She’s a cornerstone of operational efficiency, seamlessly juggling a plethora of tasks. Her adaptability shines as she confidently assists her co-workers at local events, leaving no stone unturned in creating impactful experiences for our community.

But that’s not all – Kareen’s interests are as diverse as her talents. From her culinary escapades in the kitchen to the soothing embrace of her garden and the artistic touch she lends to quilts, Kareen’s passions enrich her life and inspire those around her.


Julia Bitmead

Meet Julia Bitmead, our dedicated Hepatitis and Liver Educator at HepatitisACT. With a profound background in social work, Julia has always been fueled by an unwavering passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Her mission? Nothing short of eliminating hepatitis C from Australia by 2030.

Julia’s vision is clear: to inspire individuals to get tested for hepatitis C and vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. She understands that raising awareness about hepatitis is pivotal, and those who grasp its significance are more likely to take proactive steps. Julia achieves this by crafting educational experiences that are not only informative but also captivating and memorable. She fosters a warm and inviting environment where questions are encouraged, ensuring that knowledge translates into action.

Join us in supporting Julia’s mission to eliminate Hepatitis C in Australia. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us about having one of our education experts visit your organization or events. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against hepatitis and work towards a healthier future for all.