Meet our Board


Bill Bunton


Former Royal Australian Air Force C-130H Navigator, Bill Bunton, brings a wealth of experience from his 24-year military career in roles ranging from Operations to Project Management. Transitioning to civilian life in 2007, he has contributed significantly to Defence and Industry, with roles at Nova Systems and Airbus. As a Strategic Advisor and mentor through his own consultancy, Peak XV Consulting, Bill remains dedicated to Defence. With a passion for community service, he’s an experienced Company Director and has held various positions, including his current role at Hepatitis ACT. Outside work, Bill enjoys sports, scuba diving, and fine wine, cherishing time with his family and volunteering for St John Ambulance.


Dr Chris Helms

Vice President

Dr Chris Helms, a nurse practitioner with a history of serving diverse communities, combines healthcare expertise with a passion for social justice. From remote clinics to metropolitan hospitals, he has built a career in cardiology, surgery, and primary care. Chris’s commitment to marginalised populations and his independent clinic in Canberra exemplify his dedication to comprehensive, compassionate healthcare.


Meredythe Crane


Meredythe Crane, formerly a Senior Policy Officer at the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, took a step back from her professional role to dedicate time to her personal passions. With a background in health, education, and business administration, her commitment to fostering a supportive environment for well-being remains steadfast. As Treasurer, Meredythe’s drive for positive social outcomes continues to shine through.


Sharon Tuffin

Sharon Tuffin, CEO of Karralika Programs Inc., brings over a decade of experience in the for-purpose sector. With a background in health and social policy, she’s passionate about fostering collaboration across sectors for an inclusive, stigma-free world. Sharon’s expertise in governance and management, along with her commitment to learning and growth, drive her leadership.

Sharon Flannigan

Sharon Flanigan

Drawing from her senior roles in public agencies and community organizations, Sharon Flanigan brings a wealth of experience in policy, program management, and corporate services. Her diverse background encompasses public health, leadership, and change management. As a member of the Hepatitis Board, she continues her dedication to effective service delivery and positive outcomes.


Stephanie Marion-Landais

Stephanie Marion-Landais is an accomplished public health policy manager with extensive international experience. With a focus on strategic planning and stakeholder engagement, she works to enhance health outcomes on both local and global scales. Currently engaged with Australia’s Department of Health and Aged Care, Stephanie’s dedication to advancing health interests is evident in her work.