our programs

We are on a mission to equip our community with the knowledge and awareness needed to combat viral hepatitis. Through our comprehensive information and engaging education sessions, we aim to boost understanding and confidence in critical areas related to hepatitis B and hepatitis C, transmission risks, testing, and treatment availability.

Hepatitis C testing — quick and convenient
Hepatitis ACT have partnered with the Kirby Institute and their National Australian HCV Point-Of-Care Testing Program, enabling Hepatitis ACT to offer on-site point-of-care testing for hepatitis C. Our goal is to provide a seamless testing experience that is accessible, efficient, and yields rapid results.

Pop-up GP clinic
Hepatitis ACT have partnered with Interchange Health Co-Op to host a GP/GP registrar at our dedicated pop-up GP clinic within our NSP. Our offerings encompass a wide range of essential healthcare services, aimed at empowering individuals in their journey towards better well-being.

Non-clinical education and tailored workshops
We provide education that doesn’t require a clinical background, making it accessible to everyone. Our sessions are designed to be informative, empowering, and easy to understand. We also deliver workshops that cater specifically to the needs of our diverse community. By addressing unique challenges and concerns, these engaging sessions foster a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Prevention strategies and treatment options
Prevention is key to combatting hepatitis, and we are dedicated to promoting effective prevention strategies. Additionally, we emphasise the importance of testing and treatment options, ensuring that those affected have the support they need on their journey to a healthier life.

Multi-language resources
In our commitment to inclusivity, we provide resources in multiple languages, including plain English. Everyone deserves access to essential information, regardless of their language preference or background.

Confidential support
We understand the importance of providing accessible and confidential support services for individuals affected by viral hepatitis. Our Infoline serves as a reliable resource for information, referral, and support, offering assistance to various individuals and organisations.

Community Awareness Events
We take the initiative to actively participate in community awareness events and stalls. By reaching out to the public, we raise awareness and create opportunities for open discussions about hepatitis-related issues.

Targeted education for priority populations
Recognising that certain populations may be at higher risk, we offer targeted education programs. By tailoring our approach, we can better address the specific challenges faced by these priority groups.