Non-Clinical Education
Empowering the workforce

At Hepatitis ACT, we take pride in our commitment to delivering non-clinical workforce education, aimed at boosting knowledge and confidence in crucial areas related to hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Our long-standing history of providing education to the workforce remains a core aspect of our mission. Areas of focus:

Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
We offer comprehensive insights into these viral infections, enabling staff to better understand the conditions and their impact on affected individuals.

Transmission and associated risk factors
Understanding how hepatitis B and hepatitis C spread is essential in preventing further transmission. We provide detailed information on the associated risk factors to raise awareness and promote prevention.

Early detection plays a critical role in managing viral hepatitis. Our education sessions highlight the importance of testing and its role in improving outcomes for affected individuals.

Availability of treatment
We keep the community workforce informed about the latest advancements in hepatitis treatment options, ensuring that individuals are aware of the available resources for those affected.

Tailored and flexible education
We recognise the unique needs and time constraints of different organisations. Our education sessions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each organisation. Additionally, we offer flexible formats, allowing education to be delivered:

  • Face-to-Face: Engaging sessions that encourage interaction and participation.
  • Online: Convenient and accessible online sessions, catering to diverse schedules and locations.


Empower your workforce today
Join hands with Hepatitis ACT to empower your workforce with the knowledge and confidence to address viral hepatitis effectively. Together, let’s create a more informed and proactive community, working towards a healthier future for all.

Targeting the Workforce
Our education efforts are specifically geared towards various sectors and industries, including:

  • Community and Social Services Organisations
  • Staff working with or supporting clients affected by, or at risk of viral hepatitis
  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Local Hospitals
  • Youth Services
  • Housing or Homelessness Services
  • Personal Care Industry Staff
  • Staff in Construction, Water Management, and related industries

For more information or to schedule a tailored education session, please contact us.

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